EAGLE model

EAGLE model

The INFIXUM EAGLE is our Large model. It is 730 mm wide. The elliptical shape of the INFIXUM enables it to make effective use of any space. Design and functionality go hand in hand. A practical solution with a modern look & feel that compliments virtually any interior.

Mount the INFIXUM on a free-standing straight wall or in the corner with lots of empty space around it to emphasise the sleek, streamlined design.

The elliptical shape optimises the use of the space and lets you create maximum hanging capacity.

The sleek and simple Dutch Design makes the INFIXUM an eye-catcher in virtually any interior.

The INFIXUM is a durable, powder-coated steel coat rack. We devoted considerable effort to the production process to ensure that every INFIXUM is of the very best quality and retains its attractive appearance, even after many years of use.

Suitable for small spaces:
The elliptical shape and sleek design make the INFIXUM perfect for mounting in a corner of a room or on a straight, free-standing wall. This lets you make optimal use of any space.

EAGLE model dimensions:
Width: 730 mm
Depth: 520 mm
Height: 165 mm
Ø shaft: 32 mm

Maximum hanging capacity with normal use: 20 kg

Product material:
The INFIXUM is made of steel with a powder coating.
This not only produces a stylish finish, but also a wear-resistant outer layer.

Clean with a moist cloth and mild cleaner. Dry with a dry cloth.

Wall mounting:
The packaging does not contain screws for wall mounting because different types of screws are required for different types of wall materials. For advice on which screws to use, contact your local dealer.

Mounting in a corner:
The packaging includes a corner mounting set with 4 flange bolts for mounting the coat rack onto the corner bracket.

Download mounting instructions for this product:

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