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Like 95% of all households, chances are that you too have a coat rack at home. What was once a primarily practical and functional piece of furniture that was tucked into a corner of the hallway, the coat rack can now be found in any room of the house these days. Not only do we want to hang our wet coats, but also other garments in a practical manner. With the development of INFIXUM (Latin for coat rack), the designers have met the needs of today’s consumers for a versatile garment hanging system. This Dutch Design coat rack enables you to make optimal use of limited space by integrating functionality and design.

  • Thanks to its elliptical shape, the INFIXUM creates ample hanging capacity. Both ends of the bracket are fitted with end plates so that hangers cannot slide off of it.
  • The INFIXUM is easy to mount level without having to measure or carefully position it.
  • The INFIXUM is extremely solid and made of powder-coated steel, so that the material will not corrode after many years of use and will retain its high quality.
  • The INFIXUM is moisture-resistant, so it can also be used in the bathroom.
  • The INFIXUM can be mounted in either a corner or on a wall without taking up too much space. This creates multiple options for use in different spaces, such as the corners of a small bedroom or bathroom.

What makes the INFIXUM so unique is its simplicity and effectiveness in any size space. It is an authentic, pure and sustainable design that integrates style and functionality.

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